Shoulder Support Brace with Compression Pad
Shoulder Support Brace with Compression Pad


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Zeegler Orthosis Brace provides shoulder support and pain relief from sprains and tears.

I am currently in between seeing doctors and specialists for My AC joint. It is likely torn unfortunately, but thanks to the Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace I am able to go about my daily routine without feeling much pain or discomfort. The straps are very user friendly; take it out of the box and within 2 minutes you are strapped up! The velcro ice pack strap is such a great idea, too. It allows for a fairly sizable ice pack for the exact area needed, with a gentle pressure to ensure a nice relief to any pain or swelling. I hope I will not need surgery, but until that decision gets made, the Zeegler Brace is saving my daily life.

  • - John R., March, 2018 -
  • This is a great quality product and provides the shoulder support I need

    This is a great quality product and provides the shoulder support I need. I bought this shoulder support to provide comfort and support until I have shoulder surgery. This support is adjustable and I can adjust to the comfort I need through out the day. I would recommend this product for anyone who needs shoulder support. I would purchase this product again and recommend the company.

  • - J. Hurst, April, 2018 -
  • Works like a charm

    Have had 3 rotator cuff repairs and inevitably a total reverse on my prodomint right shoulder ... 1 rotator cuff surgery on my left.... Been having to use it so much it has started to give me pain again.. bought this brace/ support hoping to get some relief without going back for more repairs... Came in a timely manner ... It works better that I could had hoped. Does a great job of assisting what cuff I have left giving support where needed ... Best money I've spent in a while

  • - Larry villyardon, June, 2018 -
  • Useful affordable and functional shoulder brace

    This shoulder brace is unique. It is sturdy, accommodates perfectly on my shoulder( I suffer from bursitis, and may have a rotator cuff tear). Pain and inflammation have been reduced in two weeks use. I will recommend it 100%

  • - Carmen E. Delgado, July, 2018 -
  • Allowed me to sleep through the night.

    This shoulder brace was super easy to put on and fit my left shoulder like a glove. I'm a bigger guy, so this was extremely important for it to fit properly. It works as described as I'm able to sit and watch tv without any pain, but the main thing was it allowed me to sleep all night without waking up with pain.

  • - Charles W., August, 2018 -
  • Very comfortable, Very effective shoulder brace

    I play racquetball most days but have a partially torn rotator cuff making backhand shots so uncomfortable that I often truncate my swing to guard against pain. I've tried other, heavier braces, but they are too restrictive for the high activity of this sport and they require too much adjustment. I also don't want to need someone to help me put on the brace. This brace is easy on with one strap around my torso. It stays in place while I play and, best of all, it works. I rarely think about my shoulder while I play and I don't hurt after play, even multiple matches.

  • - Rob Z., September, 2018 -
  • Works well!

    I bought this for my husband who had a shoulder injury as a teenager, now in his 60’s arthritis in it. He was having a lot pain recently with no relief. He was able to put it on easily by himself and when I got home from work about 4 hours later he said his shoulder already felt more stable and aching less. He has worn it now for about 5 days and reports he feels it is helping him as well as being comfortable to wear. The other benefit is it can be used on either shoulder. The only down side was that it did not come with a hot/cold pack, but they are readily found in drugstores. I wish I had found this sooner for him and would definitely recommend this to friends or family

  • - Kathyrn J., March, 2018 -


    KNEE & BRACES SUPPORTS                

    Shoulder Support Brace for man

    Shoulder Support Brace by Zeegler Orthosis

    Whether you suffer from shoulder pain or merely discomfort, confidently try on our Premium Shoulder Support Brace from Zeegler Orthosis and you will benefit from optimal compression, pain relief, and muscle support. Try it now risk-free. We are here to support you whenever your shoulder needs relief.

    Price $36.99

    Knee Support Brace for Men & Women

    Knee Support Brace by Zeegler Orthosis

    This knee sleeve offers a blend of soft and very elastic neoprene, that retains heat to help circulation and promote healing. Knee pain can be the result of overuse or excessive jarring without adequate healing time or from traumatic injury to the ligaments or meniscus.

    Price $28.99

    Shoulder Support Brace for women

    Shoulder Support Brace for women by Zeegler Orthosis

    It is designed to provide optimal compression and more reliable support for a wide range of injuries including shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tear, sprains, frozen shoulder, bursitis, and other conditions. This brace support is a must have item for preventing, recovering support etc.

    Price $34.99

    Some companies brag with their WHAT.
    We're so proud of our WHY!

    Zeegler Orthosis is an ambitious European company with the mission to provide the best quality recovery support braces for athletes, older and active people with knee or shoulder injuries. If you are in a recovery state, or therapy and pain relief for torn rotator cuff, AC joint, bursitis, frozen shoulder, etc., try our knee and shoulder support braces with compression pad.


    Our goal is to help you feel secure and protected while enhancing your mobility and increasing your comfort through a rapid recovery process. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve designed our unique Shoulder and Knee Support Braces using a variety of materials to provide the support that you need.


    For hot and cold therapy, a gel/ice pack (not included) can easily be inserted under the pressure pad.

    Shoulder Support Brace on by Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace on by Zeegler Orthosis


    We respect our customers and your feedback is important to us. For any questions that you may have, we are readily here to answer them. Feel free to use our contact form to get in touch with us.


    We have a no hassle, 100% guarantee refund policy for up to three months. If, for any reason, you feel the shoulder sleeve is not working for you, contact us, and we will offer you a full refund for the original purchase.

    Discover the Main Features of our Shoulder and Knee Support Braces

    These are the main benefits when you choose to invest in a premium Support Brace that lasts longer, looks better, is easier to use and maintain and, most importantly, helps you recover faster and with less pain.

    ➢ Shoulder & Knee Support Brace

    ➢ Comfortable for your skin with extra protection

    ➢ Easy to put on and adjust

    ➢ Compatible with both left/ right shoulders & knee

    ➢ Optimal compression and stability

    Knee Support Brace for Rotator Cuff on by Zeegler Orthosis Knee Support Brace for Rotator Cuff on by Zeegler Orthosis

    ➢ High quality, premium package

    ➢ Perforated, three-layer design

    ➢ Allows your skin to breathe

    ➢ Suitable for both men and women

    ➢ User guide included with free ebook for our VIP clients

    Shoulder Brace - for Women and Men, with Compression Pad & E-Book by Zeegler Orthosis - Therapy and Pain Relief for Torn Rotator Cuff, AC Joint, Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder | (Blue)

    Shoulder Support Brace for Shoulder Pain Therapy

    We are pretty sure that you will love your new shoulder wrap and you will feel the difference right away, but if for any reason you think the shoulder support is not working for you, contact us, and we will offer you a full refund of the original purchase price for up to 3 months.

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    Shoulder Support Brace for shoulder pain therapy
    Shoulder Injuries E-book How to deal with Shoulder Pain

    Want to know more about How You can deal with Shoulder Pain?

    There are 5 main causes of shoulder pain: Rоtаtоr сuff disorders, Rоtаtоr cuff tears, Frоzеn ѕhоuldеr, Dіѕlосаtеd ѕhоuldеr and shoulder instability or Arthrіtіѕ. To learn more about these causes and how to avoid them, we encourage you to read our book, “How to Deal With Shoulder Pain”. The book includes nearly 70 pages where you will find non-surgical home remedies for shoulder injuries along with pain relief exercises and much more. We are sure you will love it! You can find it easily on Amazon.

    Knee Support Brace for Men and Women - Zeegler Orthosis Premium Sleeve with Double Side Patella Stabilizer - Relieves Tendonitis, Jumpers Knee, ACL

    100% MONEY BACK & HAPPINESS GUARANTEE - To make sure you are satisfied we also offer a three months guarantee, no questions asked. For any issues or if you didn't order the right size, you can contact us, and we will help you asap.

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    knee stability brace for pain therapy knee stability brace for pain therapy


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